Quick Answer: Which Method Is Best Suited To Execute DDL Queries?

Which method is used to execute select query?

Commonly used methods of Statement interface: The important methods of Statement interface are as follows: 1) public ResultSet executeQuery(String sql): is used to execute SELECT query.

It returns the object of ResultSet..

What is return type of execute () method?

Since this is a SELECT statement, the execute( ) method returns a boolean true to indicate that a result set is available. You can then call the Statement object’s getResultSet( ) method to retrieve the ResultSet object that contains the data from the database.

How can you execute a stored procedure in the database?

To execute a stored procedure Expand the database that you want, expand Programmability, and then expand Stored Procedures. Right-click the user-defined stored procedure that you want and click Execute Stored Procedure.

Is the return type of next () method in ResultSet?

Return value This method returns a boolean value specifying whether the ResultSet object contains more rows. If there are no rows next to its current position this method returns false, else it returns true. Using this method in the while loop you can iterate the contents of the result set.

Which method in statement should be used to execute a DDL command?

Statement is suitable for executing DDL commands – CREATE , DROP , ALTER , and TRUNCATE in Java JDBC….Statement important methods in Java JDBC are:executeUpdate.executeQuery.executeBatch.execute.

Which method in statement should be used to execute a DDL command in JDBC?

While the Jdbc documentation recommends the use of int executeUpdate(String sql) for executing DDL statements.

Which type of statement can execute parameterized queries?

Prepared Statement The PreparedStatement interface extends the Statement interface. It represents a precompiled SQL statement which can be executed multiple times. This accepts parameterized SQL quires and you can pass 0 or more parameters to this query.

How can you execute DML statement?

To execute DML statements using the client library:Create a read-write transaction.Call the client library method for DML execution and pass in the DML statement.Use the return value of the DML execution method to get the number of rows inserted, updated, or deleted.

What is difference between execute and executeUpdate?

execute method can run both select and insert/update statements. executeQuery method execute statements that returns a result set by fetching some data from the database. It executes only select statements. executeUpdate method execute sql statements that insert/update/delete data at the database.

What is the return type of executeUpdate ()?

The JDBC standard states that the executeUpdate method returns a row count or 0. … For an SQL statement that can have an update count, such as an INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, or MERGE statement, the returned value is the number of affected rows.

Which method is preferred for executing DML queries?

We must prefer PreparedStatement, as it is suitable for executing DML commands – SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE. So, in this tutorial we learned how to Execute INSERT query(DML command) using java. sql. Statement’s executeUpdate method in java.

Which of the following method can be used to execute all types of queries?

boolean execute(String sql) throws SQLException : This method can be used for all types of SQL statements. If you don’t know which method to use for you SQL statements, then this method can be the best option.

What is the return type of execute update method?

When the method execute returns true, the method getResultSet is called to retrieve the ResultSet object. When execute returns false, the method getUpdateCount returns an int. If this number is greater than or equal to zero, it indicates the update count returned by the statement.

What is the return type of executeUpdate () in JDBC?

When the method executeUpdate is used to execute a DDL (data definition language) statement, such as in creating a table, it returns the int value of 0.

What is DDL command?

Data Definition Language (DDL) commands are used to create, manipulate, and modify objects in Snowflake, such as users, virtual warehouses, databases, schemas, tables, views, columns, functions, and stored procedures.

What is executeUpdate?

int executeUpdate(String SQL): Returns the number of rows affected by the execution of the SQL statement. … Use this method to execute SQL statements, for which you expect to get a number of rows affected – for example, an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement.

What is the difference between executeQuery () and executeUpdate ()?

What is the difference between execute(), executeQuery() and executeUpdate() methods in JDBC? … The execute() method: This method is used to execute SQL DDL statements, it returns a boolean value specifying weather the ResultSet object can be retrieved.

Which of the following class is used to execute the queries?

To execute SQL expressions, use the following query object classes: ValueReadQuery : Returns a single data value. DirectReadQuery : Returns a collection of column values; can be used for direct collection queries. DataReadQuery : Executes a SQL SELECT, returns a collection of database row (map) objects.