Quick Answer: How Much Does Pam Pay Per Mile?

Does Pam Trucking do hair test?

Most company’s are doing both hair tests AND piss tests.

Piss tests are still the only test accepted by the DOT, hair tests are only for pre-employment screening..

What is the best trucking company to start out with?

Best Trucking Companies For New DriversUS Express. One of the best trucking companies for new drivers is US Express. … Swift Transportation Company. Another trucking company which you should definitely look into if you are new to the industry is Swift Transportation, otherwise known as the Swift Trucking Company. … Werner Enterprises. … Cr England. … Roehl Transport.

How much do Pam drivers make?

The average PAM Transport salary ranges from approximately $27,549 per year for Otr to $50,000 per year for Entry Level Truck Driver. Average PAM Transport weekly pay ranges from approximately $346 per week for Otr to $1,135 per week for Truck Driver.

How much does knight pay per mile?

38 – $. 47/mile based on length of haul.

How much does celadon pay per mile?

The pay program for over-the-road drivers in what Celadon calls its North Premium Markets ranges from 38 cents per mile with six months experience to 50 cents per mile with 20+ years.

How much US Xpress pay per mile?

U.S. Xpress will pay eligible drivers 82 cents per mile, including a 22 cents per mile monthly mileage bonus, and a 5 cents per mile bonus when drivers are one the road away from home for 45 days or more in a row.