Quick Answer: Can BCA Student Do Mtech?

Which course is best for BCA student?

After completing your BCA, you can opt for the following programmes:Master of Computer Applications(MCA)Masters Degree in Information Management (MIM)Masters in Computer Management (MCM)Post Graduate Program in Corporate Studies (PGPCS)Information Security Management (ISM)Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Can be students do MTech?

Yes, you can definitely pursue M. Tech degree course after the completion of your B.E course. No, qualifying in the GATE exam is not compulsory to pursue M. Tech course in India.

Is MCA higher than btech?

But yes, MCA is better than B. Tech as it is essentially a post-graduate degree course as compared to B. Tech which provides you only a graduation certificate. So, in short, job prospects with MCA are better as compared to B.

Is MCA better than MTech?

Tech/ M. Tech vs MCA – Which is a better course after B….M. Tech vs MCA – A Detailed Comparision.FactorsM.TechMCAExam RequiredGATE, BITSAT HD, PGEE, PGET, etcNIMCET, BIT MCA etc6 more rows•Oct 15, 2019

Can I get job at Google after BCA?

You can surely apply for job at google.

Does Amazon hire BCA students?

Amazon Jobs For Freshers BSC BCA BE BTECH MCA Jobs 2020 Amazon Off-Campus Jobs Interview Dates Selection Process. Amazon is one of the largest and most well-known E-commerce companies in the world. … Tech, MCA and an engineering degree from a recognized institute are eligible for this recruitment in 2020.

Is MCA valid in USA?

There is no MCA in the USA. This is a degree or terminology used by Indian universities. Anyways, to study Masters in USA one would need a four year Bachelor’s degree, take the GRE and TOEFL.

Is MCA equal to B Tech?

MCA is generally assumed equivalent to B. Tech in IT and CSE field as course structure is same but B. tech provides more scope and generally B. tech candidates are preffered over MCA and higher salary is offered.

Is MCA an engineer?

No, MCA is not an Engineering degree. It’s a Post-graduation degree. You can do MCA after completion of a BCA degree. MCA is similar to Btech Computer Science Engineering.

Is BCA good for future?

Career Prospects BCA graduates have good job prospects both in the government and private sector companies. After successfully passing their BCA course, students can easily find lucrative job opportunities in leading IT companies like Oracle, IBM, Infosys and Wipro.

Why is MCA better than BTech?

B. Tech IT students are more exposed to different concepts and fields of information technology that makes them open to different job opportunities in the IT domain. On the other hand, MCA students are primarily hired for software engineering / development roles only.

How can I get job after MTech?

The 4 categories are:Going for a research degree such as PhD.Doing Job right after completing M. Tech.Joining engineering college as a teacher.Start your own organization.

Which course is better in M Tech?

These specializations include Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, VLSI, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering etc.

Can a MCA student do MTech?

Tech Computer Science. Yes-You can do an MTech after an MCA. … For MTech you have to clear GATE exam.In MCA 2nd year you will be qualified for GATE exam. Go ahead and appear for exam.

Can a BCA student give gate?

BCA and BCS (a three years degree) students are not eligible for GATE Exam. … (Tech), a four years degree, final year students are eligible for GATE exam.

Is MCA equivalent to MS in USA?

and that an MCA in India is comparable to a master’s degree in the United States- but in the field of computer applications, not computer science. … According to the Petitioner, the U.S. equivalent of an MCA from India is a master’s degree in applied computer science or computer science (applied).

Is MCA a good degree?

Candidates having an MCA degree may have great employment opportunities in top IT companies and top consultancy firms. At present, with the advancement of IT & Communication systems, people with good computer application skills are highly demanded in IT sector.

Can I do M Tech after M SC?

There is no other choice other than going for MTech in India after MSc, but if you want to go to abroad, you can directly go for a PhD program after your MSc. … If you are looking for career in educational institutes as a teaching profession that too particularly in engineering colleges then M. tech is necessary.