Question: What Does Adhere Mean?

What does adhere mean in business?

the act of doing something according to a particular rule, standard, agreement, etc.: adherence to sth Working with thousands of small farmers makes strict adherence to fair trade rules difficult.

(Definition of adherence from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press).

What is another word for non compliance?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for noncompliance, like: nonconformity, refusal, dissent, protest, obedience, disagreement, objection, disobedience, resist, compliance and insubordination.

What does increased adherence mean?

Adherence is defined as ‘the extent to which the patient’s behaviour matches agreed recommendations from the prescriber’ 1. … In some patients nonadherence takes the form of the patient reducing or increasing the dose of prescribed medicine rather than omitting it.

Is Adhesed a word?

Correct spelling for ADHESED We think the word adhesed is a misspelling.

What does it mean to adhere to something?

: to act in the way that is required by (something, such as a rule, belief, or promise) They will adhere to the terms of the contract. Certain standards must be adhered to by all members. She adheres to a strict vegetarian diet.

What is another word for adhere?

Some common synonyms of adhere are cleave, cling, cohere, and stick.

How do you use adhere in a sentence?

Adhere sentence examplesAll drivers must adhere to speed limits. … Many of the Belgian poets adhere to the classical form. … It is wise to adhere to the rules of your parents. … He needed to make sure that the staffs each knew to adhere to service level agreement’s between both organizations.More items…

What is the root word of adhere?

The Latin root word her and its variant hes both mean “stick.” These roots are the word origin of various English vocabulary words, including adhere and adhesive. When glue adheres to paper, it “sticks” to it, for glue is an adhesive which causes things to “stick” together.

What does adherence mean in PE?

As a result, a large body of literature is available on the degree to which different factors contribute to exercise adherence, defined as the degree to which an individual is able to sustain an exercise program.

What does deprecate mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to express disapproval of deprecates such attempts at humor.

What does adhere mean in law?

closely follow a ruleto obey or closely follow a rule, a standard, an agreement, etc.: adhere to a rule/law/requirement The bank adheres to all rules regarding the opening and closing of accounts. adhere to a standard/principle/policy Members must adhere to professional standards of conduct.

What does domicile mean in English?

permanent legal residencenoun. a place of residence; abode; house or home. Law. a permanent legal residence.