Question: What Do Staggered Wheels Mean?

What is a staggered wheel setup?

A staggered fitment, also referred to as a staggered application, is the use of different size wheels and tires on one axle of the vehicle.

The wider tires on the rear axle allow rear-wheel drive, high-performance vehicles to get more traction for acceleration..

How do I know if my wheels are staggered?

If they are 225s all around you probably have 7.5″ wheels on all 4 corners. If you have 225 on front and 245 on rear they are staggered. 2) If you are motivated pull the rear wheel and look for the width and diatmer of the wheel.

How long do staggered tires last?

you should expect over 20k miles easily on All Season tires, and like mentioned above, w/ proper alignment the staggered set should get within a couple thousand miles of a square set. Not being able to do a full rotation will hurt a bit but not enough to be a deal breaker.

Is staggered wheels bad for AWD?

Truth is, you don’t need to run staggered wheels and tires on an AWD car. Suspension adjustments can be done to get the car to rotate more or less to what you want.

Why do staggered tires wear faster?

Because the front and rear tyre sizes are dissimilar, you can’t rotate your tyres. Rotating your tyres helps ensure they wear evenly. With staggered tyre sizes, the rear tyres will usually wear out faster than the front tyres. … This is because you don’t want different tyres having varying levels of performance.

What is the difference between staggered and non staggered?

Staggered just means the fronts are (usually) smaller (by width) than the backs. Like a 911 with 245/35 ZR 20 front, and 305/30 ZR 20 rear. Most cars are non-staggered because it’s easier on rotation, cheaper, and work fine.

Are staggered wheels better?

There are definite pros to going with a staggered wheel and tire package. If performance is your goal, then those wider tires on the rear drive axle are going to give you a better grip on the pavement. That increased grip will equate to better acceleration. You are also going to get a better handle on uneven roads.

Should I rotate staggered tires?

Vehicles with staggered fitment tires or wheels cannot be rotated in the preferred or alternate rotation patterns. … If the tires are directional they can be rotated side to side, but in order to do so, they will need to be dismounted and reinstalled facing the opposite direction.

Why do BMW have staggered wheels?

A staggered fitment is also referred to as a staggered application. Basically it means that you are running different sized wheels on the back of your BMW than from the front. … Running wider wheels on the drive wheels means more grip on acceleration and from an aesthetic perspective, it means larger lips.

Can you put 2 different size rims on a car?

What happens if wheels are different sizes. In a front- or rear-wheel-drive vehicle, as long as both rear wheels are the same and both front wheels are the same and the suspension geometry is set up to accommodate this, the vehicle will operate fine.

Do staggered wheels improve handling?

Do Staggered Wheels Improve Handling? Using a staggered wheel setup can improve the handling of a RWD car by not allowing the rear tires to lose grip as easily (and oversteer) while turning. Staggered wheels will also provide better straight-line performance and grip because of the increased tire patch width.

Can you put staggered wheels on Xdrive?

You can run a staggered setup, BMW even issues some xdrive cars with a staggered setup, especially if a customer requests it. As long as the overall rolling diameter of both front and back are within about 1%, there is no issues caused to the system. It shouldn’t be more than 1% difference in diameter front and rear.